Plague of Marseilles

Plague of Marseilles - Plague of Marseilles (1720) The Last...

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Plague of Marseilles (1720) The Last Great Plague in Europe Overview of Today’s Material: Plague from 1670-1720: along the boundary zones between Christian and non- Christian lands Disease from far-Easterners, rather than punishment from God as before o Vienna plague, 1679, has global historical significance Marseilles, 1720-21: a blast from the past! o Massive mortality created local management problems o Central French government imposed different controls than we’ve seen before o Europeans outside the plague zone read about it in newspapers o Medical scientists thought about plague differently: reflected the Scientific Revolution o Images of Marseille show little of the old religios frameworks Picture: Eyam church, rural England Picture: Contemporary Etching of plague in Vienna, 1679 Picture: clear frontier theme, the interface between civilizations
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