racism - New saints to show the helpful authority of the...

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Catholic objectives in responding to Luther Control heretical ideas o Inquisitions: develop “surveillance” stance toward problems Spanish inquisition Papal inquisition A permanent Holy Office to detect and repress heresy o Approve the content of religious art o Better educate priests and monks, so they would not lead the faithful astray New policies, New orders Long-lasting committee InquisitionsL institutions and techniques to extract hidden “truth” Spanish inquisition o Omnipresent of “pure blood” also imporatnat historically o Omnipresent surveillance Papal inquisition o Especially against protestants Index of prohibited books (IMAGE) Catholics vs. Protestants in Plague Catholics Saiants and their relics Processions Pest houses, hospitals, orders of monks and nuns to serve ill
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Unformatted text preview: New saints to show the helpful authority of the church Plague art: great canvases Protestants No saints, no reason to do processions Emphasis on prayer rather than confession Slow to add public health bureaucracies and controls Books of prayers and individual guidelines for plague times Plague art often personal, private St Charles Borromeo From noble Milanese family Served as a secretary at the Council of Trent Made Archbishop of Milan, to implement Tridentine reforms Also became Cardinal Directed Churchs efforts in plague of 1576 Plague confinement: an example of the larger theme Desperate times, desperate measures Both contagion theory and miasm theory...
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racism - New saints to show the helpful authority of the...

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