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Plague exploded in southern Asian port cities, 1890s Ocean travel now much faster, with large oceanic vessels. Other continents were quickly infected We do a little map work Hong Kong: spread to island from “Canton” (now Guangzhou). Canton was a city of 1.6 million. o Hong Kong (treaty port) had about 95% Chinese residents, living in squalid area of “Taipingshan” o Earliest declared cases 5 May, 1894; ~3000 cases before June Over 100,000 Chinese fled Hong Kong -- feared English burial procedures o Removed sick to hospital o Into this chaotic scene, The two, younger, germ-theory investigators arrived Plague in Hong Kong Early 1894, plague in Canton (city of 1.6 million then, now >15 million) o Over 100,000 deaths by late May
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Unformatted text preview: • Earliest declared cases in Hong Kong, 5 May; ~3000 cases before June o Over 100,000 Chinese had fled Hong Kong -- feared English burial procedures o 300 soldiers still patrolled Chinese abodes, sick sent to hospital Houses burned or doused in lime & sulphur the Chinese area (Taipingshin), squalid colonial Europeans lived up on the hill • Yersin arrived 15 June 1894; Kitasato already there o Shibasaburo KITASATO, 1892, brought a scientific team with him from Japan o Alexandre Yersin, came alone Built a hut by 18 June Crawled into cave w/ bodies, 20 June Discovered by 21 June: “ une veritable purée des microbes ” o Yersin’s letter to his mother: we read and discuss it At very end of class today: the Hawaii birth lottery Image: Arnold Böcklin, Plague , 1898...
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