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H213 notes 10 November 2011 New medical and public health ideas in 18 th century Europe Plague was Distinctive No other recurrent epidemic in European history carried the very high mortality levels that plague did Most other recurring acute epidemics affected old or young; all were at risk in plague Most other acute epidemics appeared under predictable circumstances; plague happened irregularly, was unpredictable by reference to human circumstances The Other Distinctive Diseases Leprosy: a tiny review why this history related to plague history Syphilis: ditto What changed from 1665-1720? o Scientific support for the idea that diseases are individual species, like o Early epidemiological information & data-gathering: evidence to support differences in mortality experience within populations Smallpox: brief history o more plague-like because it kills you quickly and has gross visible blebs over the body o dramatic changes in the epidemiology of smallpox in Europe, 1500-1700 o Novel approach to prevention, precisely at the same time as the Marseilles plague: “inoculation” involved taking matter from a smallpox pustule and inserting it (with a needle or knife) under the skin of someone who had not ever had smallpox some of these folks died, but many were made immune to the unpredictable threat of smallpox by the 1750s, study of the Bills of Mortality led people in the Royal Society of London to the conclusion that inoculation was highly effective at the population level. The English government decided that all army and navy recruits would be inoculated o At the end of the century, in 1796, an English country doctor observed that
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BDnotes10Nov - H213 notes 10 November 2011 New medical and...

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