BDnotes17Nov - (1884) • Pupils of Pasteur and Koch...

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H213 Notes, 17 November 2011 Plague in the Modern world Overview IN WESTERN EUROPE Review of European events to 1850 Between 1850 and 1890: European scientific breakthroughs included the germ theory of disease IN EAST ASIA In the 1800s, plague spread from south central Eurasia to the Indian Ocean and Pacific coast cities (map) When plague reached “Canton” (now Guangzhou) global alarm Two early germ theorists investigated plague in Hong Kong, 1894: S. Kitasato and A. Yersin (Yersin letter) East Asia Western Europe By 1800: Seeing plague linked to rats o Plague present in SW China in late 18 th century Mid 19 th century: war, famine, plague, and pestilence devastate south China o Qing empire undermined by opium, religious revolutions, population growth Plague reached Hong Kong, May 1894 By 1800: Europeans saw plague as a “foreign” disease Mid 19 th century o Sanitary Revolution o International Sanitary Congresses The Germ Theory o Louis Pasteur (1860s) o Robert Koch
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Unformatted text preview: (1884) • Pupils of Pasteur and Koch reached Hong Kong, June 1894 Germ Theory: • Louis Pasteur: a chemist, not a doctor o In 1880s discovered process for immunizing against rabies, leading to global fame o Hired Yersin because Yersin had an MD, could see patients, administer rabies vaccinations • Robert Koch: “father” of the germ theory of disease, and a doctor o The man who proved that specific microorganisms cause specific diseases o 1882, PROVED that a germ could cause a specific disease (TB) o Pasteur sent Yersin to Berlin to learn Koch’s methods o Shibasaburo Kitasato one of his early pupils in Berlin Plague in China: overview • Variant plague ecology • Chinese saw rats as signs or indicators of epidemics • Major disruptions in Chinese history, 1830s--1870s brought mountain plague to coastal cities • Plague exploded in Hong Kong and Bombay, 1890s o New germ hunters raced to the scene...
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BDnotes17Nov - (1884) • Pupils of Pasteur and Koch...

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