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Kennesaw State Using the CelebrityAccess Website Daily Password Once you have enrolled, each early morning you will receive a Daily Password from CelebrityAccess. Along with your User Name and Personal Password, the Daily Password will allow you access to the website. Friday’s password is always good through the weekend. If you do not receive the Daily Password, you may always request it from the log-in page. If you save your log-in information, you may easily access the website from the Daily Password email each day. Dos and Don’ts Please remember that CelebrityAccess is used by industry professionals. Serious business is handled through the website and the information it contains is extremely proprietary. You have been provided with complete, unfettered access to this information so that you may get the most out of the education experience. The information contained on the website is not to be shared with others outside of your class. Communicating with artists and professionals listed on the
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CelebAccessStudentUse - Kennesaw State Using the...

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