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5:11 Lecture - Aero 310 - Lecture May 11, 2011 World War...

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Aero 310 - Lecture May 11, 2011 World War Two Tuskegee Airmen - During WW2 America tried an experiment with an all black unit/squadron, set up special school called Tuskegee Airmen - Located in Tuskegee, Alabama - Trained 1,000 - Number one requested group to protect the bombers - Never lost a bomber - Pilots had no idea that they were black - 992 went through the program - Success helped changed the way military immigrated Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) - Nancy Love and Jackie Cochran went to Happ Arnold (Head of American Army Airforces) to deliver message of women participation - Purpose: Ferry airplanes from factory to flight spot or to where they were shipped off - Freed male pilots and allowed them to participate in warfare - Training Program - Facility in Sweet Water, Texas - 1,084 went through school and graduated - Set up differently from male pilots - Primary, Advanced, and Specialty Training - Must be a pilot to join WASP - November 1942- December 1944 - Disbanded before war was over due to surplus European War - Finished in 1945, defeated Hitler - Different than WW1, airplanes played a big part, but didn’t do it alone Japanese - War approach was different - Shogun: Commander - Samurai: Under Shogun - No concept of surrender/losing in way of thinking - Enemies: China and Korea - Japan never lost a war Pre WW2 Structure - Japan was an ally in WW1, 1902 - Feelings of equality with American and England - Other countries had oriental control - Japan did not have raw materials
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This note was uploaded on 11/17/2011 for the course AERO 310 taught by Professor Leaphart during the Fall '08 term at Cal Poly.

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5:11 Lecture - Aero 310 - Lecture May 11, 2011 World War...

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