6:1 - Practical(Pass/Fail Flight 40 hours total Cost $8,000...

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Aero 310 - Lecture June 1, 2011 Runways have numbers - Magnetic direction rounded to the nearest tenth - Helps pilot to get oriented - Control towers Instrument Pilot - Special procedures - Fly particular heading, radio, map Flight Plan - Advantage: telling system when you’re leaving, general route, destination, time, fuel (in time) - Fly on ZULU time - Recommended for trips and not so much locally - Check in along the way - IFR, must follow flight plan - VFR, optional flight plan Levels of Pilot Certificates *600,000 active pilots current medical *current active pilots *3 TOL (take off landings) every 90 days *current medical 2-3 years *flight review 2 years (flying and knowledge analyzed) *every stage has a written and flight test - Sport - Recreational - Private - Commercial - Airplane Transport Pilot - Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Ratings - Instrument - Twin Engine Types of Certificates (12,500 lbs +) 707 747 L-1011 Private Pilot Requirements Test
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- Pre Solo - Medical - Knowledge (FAA Test, 70 or above)
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Unformatted text preview: - Practical (Pass/Fail) Flight- 40 hours total Cost- $8,000 apx.- About one year process! Refer to handouts!!! Cal Poly Airfield/Airport Location: PE Practice Field- 1941 Flight Training (primary) WW2- Instructor was killed- Football Team crashed- Stopped using airfield in 1985 Burt Rutan- Class of 1965 Founder: Scaled Composites Co. Voyager: 1986 around world 9 days, non-stop on board fuel only Spaceship: One/White Knight 2004 $325,000 ft., twice 2 weeks, $10 million X prize Global Flyer: flown by Steve Fossett, around world in 67 hours, solo, non stop, on board fuel only 3 planes are in the Smithsonian Current Airplanes Airbus A330 Mach 85- $200 million- Seats: 295-335 Boeing 747-400 Mach 85 (567 mph)- $250 million- Seats 416-524 Airbust A380 Mach 85-$330 million Navy F-14 Tomcat Mach 1.8- $38 million- Gruman Cessna 172 Mach .16 *favorite Intro 1956 30,000 built 120 mph Most popular private airplane No plane…no gain...
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  • Fall '08
  • Scaled Composites, Aviation licenses and certifications, Pilot certification in the United States, Steve Fossett, Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, Burt Rutan

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6:1 - Practical(Pass/Fail Flight 40 hours total Cost $8,000...

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