DEMOCRACY - DemocracyDefined Republicanism classicalsense...

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6/1/2010 1 Mi h Dt i W A Measuring how Democratic We Are Democracy Defined Democracy y From Greek preface “demos”–the people y And Greek suffix “kratia”–rule y RULE BY THE PEOPLE y Requires that the people directly make the decisions for the society y (Really, it’s the MAJORITY of the people who make the decisions) Republicanism y But the United States is not a “democracy” in the classical sense. y We are a “Republic”–a system in which the decisions are made by representatives chosen by the people. y The Founding Fathers were leery of the masses – would not think of the system they were creating as “democracy” in any sense. y BUT—we have come to call our system “representative democracy,” or simply, “democracy” Other forms of Government y Monarchy —absolute rule by a hereditary ruler; y Constitutional Monarchy —limited rule by a hereditary ruler, with an elected legislative branch—as in Britain, a constitutional monarchy can be a “democracy”; y Oligarchy —Rule by the few, where a minority group holds power over a majority—the term tends to be used to describe rule by the wealthy or by a military junta rule by the wealthy or by a military junta; y Aristocracy —a type of oligarchy, in which the ruling group is either the land owners or an intellectual elite ; y Fascism —a system in which nation (and sometimes race) are valued more than the individual, and a dictator (an absolute but non hereditary ruler) or group of autocratic leaders heavily regulates everyone’s activities y Communism —a system in which productive property is owned in common and everyone shares in its benefits—in practice, this has meant control of productive property by the state and TOTALITARIAN power for the state.
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6/1/2010 2 Measuring Democracy y
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DEMOCRACY - DemocracyDefined Republicanism classicalsense...

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