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POS 2041 Independent Reading Assignment

POS 2041 Independent Reading Assignment - INDEPENDENT...

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INDEPENDENT READING ASSIGNMENT The purpose of giving you this assignment is to cause you to read a book about politics, and perhaps, hopefully, cause you to gain an interest in reading more books about politics. It is also meant to help develop your critical thinking skills by asking that you learn about and consider alternative views on issues raised by the author of your book. To do this assignment, you must first read a book from the list that begins on page 3 of this document . In addition, you must learn on your own about the important issues being addressed in the book, and find writings by people with alternative viewpoints on these issues and/or pieces of criticism about the book you have read. DUE DATES : DUE FRIDAY, September 9th : STEP ONE: A three-paragraph statement of the book you are using, what the book is about, why you have chosen this book, and why you think the subject matter is important. The three paragraph statement will not be graded. A satisfactory statement of your book must be handed in ON TIME in order to obtain permission to complete the project. In other words, if you do not hand it in by September 9th h , then you ARE FORFEITING THE OPPORTUNITY TO FINISH THE PROJECT AND FORFEITING 20% OF YOUR FINAL GRADE IN THE COURSE! For your book statement to be “satisfactory” it must demonstrate an actual knowledge of what the book is about. If your book statement is “satisfactory,” I will provide advice and comments in the hope of helping you to complete the project. DUE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 rd : The final, five-page report on the book. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ! You have THE ENTIRE TERM to do this project! THE 5-PAGE ESSAY ON YOUR BOOK MUST CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING : 1. Your description of the book : What are the main points? What facts and arguments does the author use to make his/her point? In this portion of the essay, you must prove to me that you’ve actually read the book. (Please do NOT attempt to give a chapter-by-chapter description of everything in the book.) 2. A “beyond the book” discussion about one or both of the following : a) Your own research to learn more about issues raised in the book . Example: Let’s say you have read a book about poverty in America. You could do some extra research to learn various views about what causes poverty in America, or what governmental policies are in place to try to alleviate poverty, or how our anti-poverty policies compare to those in other wealthy democracies.
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