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POLITICAL SCIENCE 2041 AMERICAN NATIONAL GOVERNMENT DR. BECK’S RULES OF DECENCY IN THE COLLEGE CLASSROOM: SUMMARY: 1. No plagiarizing or cheating. 2. Behave respectfully in class (no computers, texting, cell phones, private conversations, cursing, etc.) 3. Six absences allowed without excuses, meaning DO NOT EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU WERE ABSENT 4. Lateness counts as an absence. DO NOT EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU WERE LATE 5. Late papers should be handed in with a note so that I can assess whether to accept them. DO NOT EXPLAIN TO ME VERBALLY WHY THE PAPER IS LATE 6. If you are absent when a test or paper is handed back, you are responsible for coming to my office to get it. 7. Submit papers in person, not via e-mail. If you come to submit your paper and don’t stay for class, the paper is NOT ACCEPTED. 8. Calculate your own grade; don’t ask me to do it for you. 9. No begging for grades. 10. Professor’s name is NOT “Mr. Beck.” I am a Political Science professor, not a teacher of children, or a police officer. My interest is in studying and teaching about politics. My interest is in helping to make young people who are interested more aware and engaged, because the survival of democracy depends on your generation’s political awareness and engagement. I do care about students. I want to provide students with help, not only regarding class matters, but when students really need understanding and help from someone my age. I do that frequently. HOWEVER: I do not want to spend my time dealing with obnoxious behavior and listening to students’ excuses. You are in college, and you are adults. You are responsible for yourselves, and only if you behave responsibly can we focus on the real purpose of being here: learning about and discussing politics. IN ORDER TO ENSURE THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO FOCUS ON THIS PURPOSE, AND IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE OF OUR SERIOUS STUDENTS WHO REALLY WANT TO LEARN, the following rules must be followed. (Some of these rules may appear on the surface to limit interaction between professor and students, but it is really just the opposite. By eliminating the need to interact about extraneous things, we have a lot more interaction about what really matters in our course-- POLITICS:
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1) ACADEMIC DISHONESTY : a. Plagiarism : To plagiarize is to take somebody’s published words or ideas and present them as your own. More information on what constitutes plagiarism, check out the following web site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarism IF YOU ARE CAUGHT PLAGIARIZING ONCE, YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY FAILED IN THE COURSE! There will be no second chances!!! In addition, I will have to file an Academic Dishonesty Case Report with the administration, along with the evidence of plagiarism. I WILL NOT DISCUSS YOUR EXCUSES FOR PLAGIARISM WITH YOU!
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