ARISTOTLE Conclusions

ARISTOTLE Conclusions - 2/11/2011 ARISTOTLE...

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2/11/2011 1 ARISTOTLE Lessons we might take from The Nichomachean Ethics and the Politics 1. A Society ought to aim at human happiness, which equals living according to justice, which equals fairness Everything humans do aim at some good The ultimate good is HAPPINESS Human happiness is based on fulfillment of our “specie being” (a term from Karl Marx) – our species being (a term from Karl Marx) which means living according to REASON Human REASONING is connected to JUSTICE – we can reason because we have speech, and reasoning is primarily directed at drawing judgments as to what is just and unjust. Justice, basically, is fairness. We judge those who take more than their share of anything good or less than their share of anything bad to be UNJUST–and those who take only their share of the good and accept their share of the bad as JUST. Justice is thus primarily “distributive,” meaning it consists of a fair distribution of the good and the bad. (There’s also “rectifying” justice, which is when an unfairness is corrected). Justice involves the rule of law, not of men. 2. Humans are POLITICAL ANIMALS, and desire to live together in societies under rules of justice We are political animals in that we desire to live together. Other animals live together in “societies” of sorts, but humans do so
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ARISTOTLE Conclusions - 2/11/2011 ARISTOTLE...

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