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politicaltheoryfinal - POLITICAL THEORY FINAL EXAM Please...

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POLITICAL THEORY FINAL EXAM Please answer question 1, and EITHER Question 2 Option A or Question 2 Option B. If you wish extra credit, you may answer all three questions, and your third essay will be counted as the extra credit. The extra credit grade will either replace your lowest grade of the term in calculating the final grade or, if the essay is VERY good, will automatically bump your grade up by a half grade. Length : Approximately 3 pages for each essay. QUESTION 1 : Discuss Marx : What is Marx’s view of human nature? What is “historical materialism”? What is bad about capitalism? What does he mean when he describes “alienated labor”? Why does he think a proletarian revolution will happen, and what is his ultimate vision of society? In the discussion, use quotes from Marx to illustrate the ideas. Do NOT base the essay on my PowerPoint. What do you like about Marx’s ideas? What do you dislike? (And why?) QUESTION 2 Option A : Discuss J.S. Mill: What are his major points in the readings we have done?
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