BRITAINRECENTPOLITICS - :1979 1997 Ministerfrom197992 ,

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9/30/2010 1 Rt Pl i t i d Ct I Recent Politics and Current Issues Conservative Government: 1979 1997 Margaret Thatcher—Prime Minister 1979 1992 John Major—Prime Minister 1992 1997 When they came to office, Britain faced problems similar to those that led to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan in the U.S.: Economic strife Massive labor strikes Increasing crime and sense of social disorder Aggressive Soviet Union Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister from 1979 92 Thatcher Revolution Tax Cuts Cuts in income tax Replacement of local property taxes with a “community charge” (flat rate tax charged to all individuals). In 1990, over 200,000 people protest in London. Reduction of progressivity in the tax system
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9/30/2010 2 Thatcher Revolution Labor Policy Employment Act of 1980— Requires vote by 80% of workers in a workplace to create a “closed shop” (in many U.S. states, closed shops have been prohibited for decades); Prohibits most “sympathy strikes (which were made illegal in the U.S. by the Taft Hartley Act of 1947); Placed restrictions on picketing (which could not be done in the U.S. because of 1 st Amendment Privatization—National companies sold off National Freight Corporation (1980) British Aerospace (1981) Cable and Wireless (1981) British Oil (1982), Jaguar (1984) naval shipyards (1985 1986), British Airways (1987) Rolls Royce (1987) British Rail Hotels (1981) British Sugar Company (1981) Associated British Ports (1983) British Telecom (1984) National Bus Company (1985) British Airports Authority
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BRITAINRECENTPOLITICS - :1979 1997 Ministerfrom197992 ,

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