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1105G6sf11 - MACl 105 Names K Egg Group work 6 1 Compiete...

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Unformatted text preview: MACl 105 Names: K Egg! Group work 6 . October 18, 2011 1. Compiete the table and draw graphs for functions f (x) = 2x and g(x) = g . 4. 111 each of the three pairs of fiinctions, compare the inputs for f with the outputs for g, and also compare the outputs for f with the inputs for g. What is the relationship between these sets of numbers? In each cast, ell/«t, med-s Fur ¥ were. 4M. saw as Maw‘lpw'ls Q? 5’0M& Mu... owlpw'l’s ‘pfl’ g were, M4, Some, «,5 “mph-ls Par 5, 5. Use the formulas from problem 3 (previous page) to compute formulas for the composites (g o f)(x) and (f o g)(x) . (364%): ska—i] = 3 (0.1x?) ~— (911(er (“SOCKV £ [3653: $(gfigbr OJ (3)333 ‘ (fog)(x):_}§_ : 0.1(iox):x ‘ 6. Functions that “undo” one another are called inverses. On ail three graphs, draw in the line y = x. What do you think is the general relationship between the graph of a function and the graph of its inverse? m amphs M” Mirror images (Symmlm?) to m 4.910le will» he. like at SVMWl‘a 109%“ M Wk 7. Given the graphs of the following functions, draw in the graphs of the inverses. To accomplish this you might consider constructing a table of values for each graph and using your observations above to complete the graph. , SK 19. . . ./y ...
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