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1105P1f11 - MAC1105 024 027 Name Project 1(circle your...

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MAC1105 024 027 Name:___________________________________ Project 1 (circle your section) due September 20, 2011 _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please follow all directions carefully. Include as much relevant work as possible to ensure maximum credit. Where explanations are requested please write legibly and use complete sentences. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ (18 pts) 1. A checking account is opened and $600 is withdrawn every month. Assume this account earns no interest. a) After two months the value of the account is $8,400. Let t represent the number of months elapsed since the account was opened, and write a linear function V(t) b mt = + = + that computes the value of the account from the time it was opened until the time it becomes depleted. a)______________________ b) Complete the table and draw a relevant graph for this function. t V 0 2 8,400 5 10 15 0 c) Let t* represent the number you entered above in the last row, first column. Explain what the statement V(t*) 0 = means in the context of this situation. d) What are the appropriate units for the slope of your linear equation? (no numbers, just units) d)________________________ e) Use set-builder notation to describe the relevant domain and range of this function. Domain:__________________ Range:____________________
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2 (12 pts) 2. The population of a country has been growing between years 1990 and 2010, but the rate of growth has decreased every year. Let P represent this population as a function of time t . a) Draw a graph that could represent the general shape of the graph of P. The graph is (circle one word from each line): increasing decreasing constant concave up concave down linear b) If this growth pattern is expected to continue for at least 5 more years, and the average rate of change of P for the 20
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