1105P2f11 - MAC1105 024 027 Name:_ Project 2 (circle your...

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MAC1105 024 027 Name:_________________________________ Project 2 (circle your section) due October 25, 2011 _______________________________________________________________________________________ Please follow all directions carefully. Include as much relevant work as possible to ensure maximum credit. Where explanations are requested please write legibly and use complete sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (20 pts) 1. QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS : A baseball is hit and follows a parabolic arc due to gravity. Let t represent the number of seconds the ball is in the air, let x represent the horizontal distance in feet the ball travels, and let y represent the vertical height the ball attains, also measured in feet. The following functions can both be used to model the path of this ball. (height as a function of time) (height as a function of distance) 2 2 f(t) 16t 64.3t 3 g(x) 0.0027x 0.84x 3 = - + + = - + + = - + + = - + = - + a) Use your calculator to accurately graph the relevant portion of both functions over the following grids. Label all intercepts and maximum points, and state the domain and range of each function. You may round inexact answers to the nearest whole number. Domain:___________________ Domain:__________________ Range:____________________ Range:____________________ b) For how many total seconds is the ball in the air? b)_________________ c) How many feet does the ball travel until it lands? c)_________________ d) What is the maximum height the ball attains? d)_________________ e) If there is a 10 foot tall wall at a distance of 300 feet from the batter, will the ball clear the wall? Show how you decide and circle the correct choice. Yes
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1105P2f11 - MAC1105 024 027 Name:_ Project 2 (circle your...

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