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Domain and Range 2 - 3 Determine the relevant domain and...

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1) Determine the domain and range of the following functions. Use interval notation for your answers. a) This graph continues on both ends in the direction shown. Domain:___________________ Range:_____________________ b) This graph has a first and last point as shown. Domain:___________________ Range:____________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Determine the domain of the following functions. Use any appropriate notation. a) f(x) 3.5x 294 = - = a)_________________________ b) x 5 g(x) (x 3)(x 2) - = - + - + + + b)_________________________ c) k(x) 32 2x = - = - c)_____________________
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Determine the relevant domain and range for the following function: A sample of water is being heated so the temperature rises at a constant rate. The relevant formula is given by T(m) 35.2 2.6m = + = + , where m represents the number of minutes the heat is applied, and T measures the corresponding temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is turned on t 11:52am and turned off at 12:22pm . Use interval notation for your answers. Domain:____________________ Range:_____________________...
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