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eqtns logs exp - 3 2-=(exact answer f Algebraically solve...

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Algebraically solve the following equations. Show as much algebraic work as possible. a) x 10 400 = (2-decimal-place accuracy) a)_________________ b) x e 400 = (2-decimal-place accuracy) b)_________________ c) x 5 400 = (2-decimal-place accuracy) c)_________________ d) log x 4 = (exact answer) d)_________________ e) ln x 4 = (2-decimal-place accuracy) e)_________________ f) log(50x)
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Unformatted text preview: 3) 2--=--(exact answer) f)_________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Algebraically solve the equation x 2 x 8 32-= for an exact answer without using logarithms. Show your work. Ans:______________...
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