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Rule of 4 - The Rule of 4 Words Tables Graphs and Formulas...

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The Rule of 4: Words, Tables, Graphs, and Formulas Mathematical techniques can be used to describe quantifiable relationships in various ways. We might use words as an initial description, and then one of several mathematical approaches to describe and work with the same relationships. Consider the following experiment where we are interested in the temperature of water at a given point of time. WORDS (Verbal approach) : A sample of water with an initial temperature of 5 C ° is being heated for 10 minutes so the temperature of the water will increase at a constant rate of 2 ° C per minute. At the end of the 10 minutes, the heat is turned off. This means that the temperature of the water while it is being heated is computed by multiplying the number of minutes the heat has been applied by 2 and adding this result to the original temperature of 5 C ° . The temperature of the water depends upon the number of minutes the heat has been applied. This idea of one set of values depending upon another set of values is very important.
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