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Test 1 - P1 GW2 online practice 7 Linear formulas Online...

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TEST 1 Problem Topic (Some) Resources 1 Yes/no: Does the description describe a function GW1, online handout 2 Natural domain (no context) GW1, online handout 3 Domain/range in context GW1, P1, online handout 4 Given description, draw graph P1, text p. 71 5 Interpret graph Online practice problem, online handout, text p. 73 6 AROCs and how they affect data
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Unformatted text preview: P1, GW2, online practice 7 Linear formulas Online handout, lecture 2.2 8 Inc/dec/constant rates of change P1, text p. 71 9 Regression formula and related questions GW3, P1 10 Linear systems of equations Lecture 6.1, text p. 516 11 Linear systems of inequalities P1, in-class example from lecture 6.2...
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