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TEST 2 Problem Topic (Some) Resources 1 Vertices and y-intercepts of a parabola GW4 2 Deriving a formula from a graph GW5 3 Quadratic application P2 4 x-intercepts and end-behavior of a polynomial Online handouts, text. p. 273 5 Direct/inverse variation P2, Online handout 6 Symmetry Text, p. 261 7 Rational function P2, Online handout
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Unformatted text preview: 8 Evaluating function combinations/inverses from tables and graphs Online sample problem 9 Composition of functions P2, online notes 10 Inverse functions P2, GW6 11 Extra credit: Domains of combination functions Online notes Please note that I could have added “class notes” as an available resource for all of the above topics....
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