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Unformatted text preview: TI-83/84:EntThe graphing calculator is a very useful tool original calculators eliminated the need for ddraw graphs quickly and easily, and concentrthese calculators have many other useful capgraph drawing. Other applications will be diknowledge of how to use a calculator for comIn order to use the calculator as an effective gdraw, because we need to set the graphing wequations on a y=screen, so we solve for yand a y-intercept at -3. Note that the terms can be rearranged in the aIn the first equation the -symbol representthe +sign. In the second equation the -synext to the enter key. These buttons cannot bTo draw the graph, begin by hitting the modbutton, and enter 23x-on the line y1= .Nand what they accomplish. Xmin= and Xmax=set the left- and right- extrex-axis. Similar statements are true for the cocase we will use a standard window, whichhitting zoom6. There are a few other pre-sewant the standard window. If we now hit theSuppose we now want to see the graph of thestandard window would not be sufficient to s...
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