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8/13/2011 1 My first computer Learning Objectives Spreadsheets Cells and cell formatting Typing Formulas Common Excel functions Copying formulas Absolute and relative referencing Graphing Spreadsheets Spreadsheets were originally paper grids used by accountants and businessmen. Excel is an electronic implementation of a spreadsheet. Excel spreadsheets are now routinely used by engineers to solve many design problems. Spreadsheets Perform same calculations repeatedly Working with tabular information Producing graphs Performing parametric analysis (what if studies) Presenting results in an organized and readable form. Microsoft Excel “Ribbon” Ribbon is the new feature introduced by the Microsoft Excel 2007. Lets you access all the required tools buttons and options quickly. Spreadsheet Anatomy Name box Formula bar Cell Worksheet name Create new worksheet
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8/13/2011 2 Cells Each rectangle of a grid is called a cell. You can enter names (labels), numbers
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Excel_lecture1 - 8/13/2011 Myfirstcomputer...

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