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1 HOMEWORK – 3 DECISIONS AND LOOPS 1. Given the range of a real value x from 0 to 100 as: 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2… 100, compute the value of y for the following equations using FOR loops. Note, you should use loop index (I,j,k etc. .) as an integer; this also implies you cannot use “step 0.5” to solve this problem . In general, it is mandatory in this course to use only integer as loop indices. a. 2Y=7x 4 b. 5Y=3x 2 2x 1 c. ࢟ൌ ૛࢞ െ૚ You code should output both x and y values. Plot Y vs X and label appropriately. Submit only the plots (no data, please) and source code with your homework. 2. Develop a VB code that reads two arbitrary integer numbers as inputs and let the user know whether the number is a negative number, positive number, or a zero. 3. A company classifies its new recruits into the following 4 categories: Entry level, Mid level, Senior level and Expert level. They assign them relevant positions based on these categories. The criteria for each category is as follows: Entry Level Experience: 0 1 years (i.e., 1 yr.) Education: Bachelor’s or Masters Mid Level Experience: 1 7 years (i.e., 1 < x 7 yrs) Education: Bachelor’s or Masters Senior Level Experience: 7 12 years Education: Masters Expert Level Experience: > 12 years Education: Masters Set up your spreadsheet to input two parameters: Experience and Education. The input for
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