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Multi-physics Assignment #4: Due April 2 by 5pm. Every student in class will be modeling one type of material. Please find the appropriate material properties for you material and list them in your report and state the source (which textbook, matweb, etc.). Part 1: Create an axisymmetric elastic model of spherical contact against a rigid flat that includes electrical conduction, but not joule heating or heat transfer. Use the meshing methodology we discussed in class. -We will use a refined mesh that Rujian Fu used in his assignment #3. There will be a few versions that account for the larger contact radius. -Assume that the sphere is 1 m in diameter. -Include THERMAL EXPANSION, elastic properties, thermal conductivity, and
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Unformatted text preview: electrical resistivity. -Apply interferences between 1mm and 10mm in 1mm increments (you may automate this by telling ANSYS to take the appropriate load steps and recording them). You may have to not run them all at once and use several versions of the code. - Apply 0.1 MegaAmps and increment up by 0.1 MAmp to run multiple cases until the solution no longer converges. It appears that might be around 1 MAmp or so. -Save the results and the code. -Create a table of the contact resistance (Voltage drop) and contact radius versus force and interference for all cases. Please submit these files with your report. -Plot and compare this to the Hertz elastic model discussed in class:...
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