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Multiphysics Assignment #1:Due Feb 8th Model the following 2-D System (not drawn to scale): The top and bottom beams are 0.1m long, 0.01m tall and 0.02m wide (into board). The middle beam is 0.1m long, 0.03m tall and 0.02m wide (into board). x Material 1 q=100W/m 2 Material 2 Rigid Joint Free end Temperature=200 ºC (Reference Temp. is also 200 ºC)
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Unformatted text preview: Material 1: E=100 GPa, v=0.34, α =6·10-6 /ºK, k=100 W/ ºK m Material 2: E=20 GPa, v=0.25, α =100·10-6 /ºK, k=1 W/ ºK m a) perform mesh convergence b) plot temperature convergence c) plot stress in x direction d) plot von Mises stress e) Compare to simplified theoretical model discussed in class....
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