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COMP 6370 Proj #1 Page #1 COMP 6370 Project #1 Write a Propagating Virus Project Points: 100 Deadline: NLT 2359 hrs on Thursday 22 Sept. This assignment requires an electronic submission only. Project Hard Copy Requirements: You are NOT required to turn in a source code listing. Electronic Copy Requirements: Save your program source files as a plain text file and use the following naming convention as specified on the course admin page: name your file with last name and first initial underscore assignment name and use a .txt extension for text files. I would use: the following hamiltonj_proj1.txt. Your executable program’s name MUST use the same naming convention with an “exe” extension even though the extension is irrelevant in UNIX. a. Put all electronic files (source, output and executable) for the project in the directory /class/comp6370/proj1/ b. My turn-in would have two files hamiltonj_proj1.txt hamiltonj_proj1.exe This will ensure that I know EXACTLY where to look for your code! Problem Statement: 1. Write and compile a program written in C/C++ that executes on a shop 3 Linux machine. This is the only machine that your code will be tested on. You may use any
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6370_Project1_AddressBook_2011 - COMP 6370 Project#1 Write...

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