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COMP 6370 Project #2 Write a Single Address Port Scanner Project Points: 100 Deadline: NLT 2359 hrs on Tuesday 25 Oct. This assignment requires an electronic submission only. Restrict your scans to ada.eng.auburn.edu Project Hard Copy Requirements: You are NOT required to turn in a source code listing. Electronic Copy Requirements: Save your program source files as a plain text file and use the following naming conventions as specified on the course admin page: name your file with last name and first initial underscore assignment name and use a .txt extension for text files. I would use the following: hamiltonj_proj2.txt. Your executable program's name MUST use the same naming convention with an “exe” extension. a. Place both of your files (source and executable) for the project in the directory /class/comp6370/proj2/ b. My turn-in would have two files hamiltonj_proj2.txt hamiltonj_proj2.exe c. Do not create subdirectories or turn in more than two files. This will ensure that I know EXACTLY where to look for your code!
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