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Homework 2 Comp 6370 Turn-in directory: As noted on the course admin page, the turn-in directory for this assignment is: /class/comp6370/hw2 The due date is 2359 (one minute to midnight) Thursday 25 Aug Do not encrypt your submission. Save your submission as a plain text file and use the following naming convention as specified on the course admin page: name your file with last name and first initial underscore assignment name and use a .txt extension for text files. I would use the following: hamiltonj_hw2txt. At the top left of your submission include the following information: Name Email Address Userid i.e. codename you want used to privately post grades (select one so I can start posting grades – note – failure to provide this will result in your grades being posted without any identification) List of people you worked with on homework – if none, state none. If you need help on thisassignment, get help and simply document it in the header of your solution. 1. Write and compile a program that calculates the number of prime numbers
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