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HW4 - Output the following information to the screen and to...

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Homework 4 – Vulnerabilities – due electronically by 2359 (one minute to midnight) Thursday 6 Oct Turn-in directory: As noted on the course admin page, the turn-in directory for this assignment is: /class/comp6370/hw4 Save your submission as a plain text file and use the following naming convention as specified on the course admin page: name your file with last name and first initial underscore assignment name and use a .txt extension for text files. I would use: the following hamiltonj_hw4.txt. At the top left of your submission include the following information: Name Email Address Userid List of people you worked with on homework – if none, state none. Consider the frequency table below: The table lists the typical frequency that each letter appears in English writing. Write a program that reads in a file named ./hw1_concat.txt and counts the frequency of each occurring letter.
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Unformatted text preview: Output the following information to the screen and to an output file named ./hw4_output.txt 1. Frequency each letter occurs in the file just read. 2. Deviation between the values computed by your program and those in the table above. For example: if “a” occurs 8% of the time in the test file, the deviation is -.2. 3. Do not differentiate between upper case and lower case occurrences. 4. Write and compile the program written in C/C++ that executes on an ENS LINUX machine. This is the only machine that your code will be tested on. 5. Submit the source code named in accordance with the filenaming convention with an extension of .c 6. Submit the executable program named in accordance with the filenaming convention with an extension of .exe. Make sure you transfer the executable using a binary option so that it does not corrupt – test your program AFTER you upload it....
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