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Homework 5 – Rough Draft for Project 3 20 Points Turn-in directory: As noted on the course admin page, the turn-in directory for this assignment is: /class/comp6370/hw5 due 2359 (one minute to midnight) Tuesday 8 Nov. Additionally, you must submit your rough draft to the class turn-it-in site. Do not encrypt your submission. Submit your work as a Microsoft Word Document using the formatting specified in the Project 3 instructions. (Note, since you have execute permission on the turn-in directory, you may want to download your binary .doc file and make sure you did not corrupt the file when you FTPed it.) Use the following naming convention as specified on the course admin page: name your file with last name and first initial underscore assignment name and use a .doc extension for your .doc file. I would use the following: hamiltonj_hw5.doc.
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Unformatted text preview: Assignment: This is your opportunity to ensure a maximum result on Project 3. Half of this homework grade will be based on your abstract and introduction and initial write-up. A general guideline is that I expect approximately 50% of your paper delivered in this assignment. Half of this homework grade will be based on literature survey. See project 3 instructions for guidelines on a successful literature review to include proper formatting of your references. Additionally, I will evaluate your paper based on conformance with the formatting instructions. If you are working as a group, only one submission is necessary and you will both receive the same grade. Opportunity to excel: I’ll review what you submit. The more you submit for homework 5, the fewer surprises you can expect when you turn in your project....
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