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Cox 1 Jordan Cox Professor C. Comp 1 12 Sept. 2011 In the not too distant past, in a far away kingdom lived a prince by the name of Brenton Halstead. He was a quiet shy boy who enjoyed spending his time by the beach as far away from the castle as possible. His father, evil stepmother and two little sisters lived in the castle with him. His two older brothers were off at war fighting the army off goblins threatening the safety of the kingdom. Brenton wished so badly to be off fighting with them. Instead he was made to stay at home and take care of his evil stepmothers pets, two dogs and a cat. The dogs were easy to watch after but the cat was slightly more difficult. This cat was able to bring a grown man to his knees in pain with a single stare. This meant prince Brenton had to be very careful not to upset the cat in any way. He ran track to distract him from the war happening just outside the
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Unformatted text preview: kingdom walls. Running also helped free his mind of the anger he felt towards his stepmother, who made most of the rules in the Kingdom due to the hold she had over his father. The Evil Queen had banned singing, dancing, and any sort of partying, all things Brenton liked to do in his spare time. Brenton went on one of his early morning runs while listening to the motivating sounds of Dubstep on the outskirts of town. He saw the Evil Queen talking with goblins and new she had something to do with the down fall of the Kingdom. He stole one of the magical cats and shook it till it struck his Step-mother and caused her to writher on the ground. Once let go from the torture she agreed to take her Goblin army away and never return. As expected, everything went back to normal and Prince Brenton got back to partying and Xbox and dancing....
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