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Cox 1 Jordan Cox Professor C. Comp. 1 03 Oct. 2011 As the bright, almost blinding lights are turned on, the room is illuminated as a simple but yet complex surrounding all at the same time. A High School wrestling room is a very sacred and respectable place if perceived correctly. Lights reflecting off of the shining mat, making the floor look as if it was full of tiny diamonds. The sight of people wrestling fills your head and is quite over whelming. Sweat drenched shirts, tired, exhausted looks on faces are scattered across the room. The aroma of blood, sweat, and tears fills the air and invades your nostrils. Though, it seems it mostly reeks of sweat and body odor. A bitter taste from the lingering particles of bodily perspiration and humidity invades your mouth and proceeds into your lungs. Walls feel
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Unformatted text preview: like sand paper when the room is not being used for its purpose, but when used for its designated reasoning the walls are slick as a slip and slide. Bodily perspiration seems to cover every inch of the room in every way possible. Only one voice is clear enough to be made out through all the other auditory noise being produced by an exalting wrestling practice. Sounds of heavy breathing, constant movement, and undefined yelling that can never seem to be made out fill ears. An extremely high ceiling, accompanied by broken panels of ceiling tiles, make the room seem as a never ending holding cell. Escaping from the three hour hell is a feeling not many have experienced, and can honorably enjoy, until practice starts again the next day....
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