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Hwk 3 (due Tue. 9/8/09) (1) Textbook: 1.62, 1.66(a), 1.69, 1.78: Put all three box-plots side-by-side together on a single graph as shown in Figure 1.19 on page 37. 1.85, 1.86 (2) Excel work (2a) Read the Excel Manual in StatsPortal: Chap 0 and Chap1 until page 25 before ``Histograms’’. (2b) For the example given on page 22, input the data in a table with the given format, draw a bar
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Unformatted text preview: chart for ``count’’ and a pie chart for ``proportion’’, print all three of them (table, bar, pie) on one page. (2c) Turn in the single page template you have done in (2b)....
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