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HW1-faraway - Chapter 1 problem 1(page 9 The dataset...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1, problem 1 (page 9) The dataset teengamb concerns a study of teenage gambling in Britain. Make a numerical and graphical summary of the data, commenting on any features that you find interesting. Limit the output you present to a quan- tity that a busy reader would find sufficient to get a basic understanding of the data. Description: After you install R and the faraway package, you can type 11'- brarygcamway) to load the package and datalt'teengam b) to load the data. This dataset is from a survey conducted to study teenage gambling in Britain. It contains five variables: a sex: 0 2 male, 1 2 female 0 status: socioeconomic status score based on parents’ occupation :- income: in pounds per week 0 verbal: verbal score in words out of 12 correctly defined 0 gamble: expenditure on gambling in pounds per year More details about the dataset can be found in lde-Smith 8.: Lea (1988) Journal of Gambling Behavior, 4, 110-118. Hints: Useful R functions for this homework: data(), summary(), hist(), plot(). You can always type help(subject) to get detailed help on the subject, e.g. help(plot). Or you can type help.start0 to get interactive help with a search engine. ...
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