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HW2-faraway - Chapter 2 problem 1(page 23 The dataset...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2, problem 1 (page 23] The dataset teengamb concerns a study of teenage gambling in Britain. Fit a regression model with the expenditure on gambling as the response and the sex, status, income and verbal score as predictors. Present the out- put. 1. What percentage of variation in the response is explained by these predictors? 2. Which observation has the largest (positive) residual? Give the case number. Compute the mean and median of the residuals. Compute the correlation of the residuals with the fitted values. Compute the correlation of the residuals with the income. @9199” For all other predictors held constant, what would be the difference in predicted expenditure on gambling for a male compared to a female? Hints: Useful R functions for the homework: libraryo, data(), lm(), sum- mary(), residualsO, which.max(), mean(), median(), and cor(). ...
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