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NAME ___________________________________ BIOLOGY 052, SECTION 006 EXAM 2 SPRING 2008 + PRINT YOUR NAME AT THE TOP OF EVERY PAGE. + USE A PEN, NOT PENCIL. + SIGN THE HONOR PLEDGE AT THE END OF THE EXAM. + USE ONLY THE SPACE PROVIDED FOR YOUR ANSWER. + QUESTIONS WILL BE GRADED ON BOTH HOW CORRECT AND HOW COMPLETE YOUR ANSWER IS. 1. (20 points) Match the definition below with its term from the list above. axoneme flagellum pseudopodium cilium lamellipodium Rho protein family filopodium myofibril Arp protein kinesin vimentin dynein tubulin heterodimer desmin dynamic instability neurofilament Rho Listeria keratin contraction myosin II filamin catastrophin microtubule-associated protein (a) A group of closely related monomeric GTPases that includes Cdc42, Rac, and Rho. Rho protein family (b) Bundle of microtubules that forms the core of a cilium or flagellum in a eukaryotic cell and is responsible for their movements. axoneme (c) Long, highly organized bundle of actin, myosin, and other proteins in the cytoplasm of muscle cells that contracts by a sliding-filament mechanism. myofibril (d) Flattened, two-dimensional protrusion of membrane, supported by a meshwork of actin filaments, that is extended from the leading edge of crawling epithelial cells, fibroblasts, and some neurons. lamellipodium (e) Long, hairlike protrusion from the surface of a eukaryotic cell whose undulations drive the cell through a fluid medium. flagellum f) Class of proteins that mediate the depolymerization of microtubules from their plus end. catastrophin (g) Intermediate filament protein that is predominantly expressed in epithelial tissue and gives mechanical strength to skin. keratin (h) A protein that induces the nucleation of new actin filaments in the lamellipodia of motile cells. Arp protein (i) Microtubule-based motor that transport cargos to the minus ends. Dynein (j) Small G protein that activates cell contraction at the trailing edge of motile cells. Rho
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2. (10 points) One important role of Fas and Fas ligand is to mediate the elimination of tumor cells by killer lymphocytes. In a study of 35 primary lung and colon tumors, half the tumors were found to have amplified and overexpressed a gene for a secreted protein that binds to Fas ligand. How do you suppose that overexpression of this protein might contribute to the survival of these tumor cells? Explain your
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2008-EXAM2-Answers - NAME BIOLOGY 052 SECTION 006 EXAM 2...

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