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Unformatted text preview: Biology 205: Introduction to Cell & Developmental Biology Course information for Spring 2010 Professors Dr. Steve Rogers 422 Fordham Hall email: [email protected] Office hours: by appointment Dr. Jason Reed 104 Coker Hall email: [email protected] Office hours: TBA Office of Dr. Rogers is in Fordham Hall: Fordham Hall is the six-story red brick building between Coker Hall and the Medical School. To get into Fordham Hall, use either the loading dock door at the rear of the building (opposite side from Bell Tower parking lot) or the door into the exterior stairwell on the front of the building (facing the Bell Tower parking lot). Office of Dr. Reed is in Coker Hall. Teaching Assistants Alli McMullen – [email protected] Kyle Grode - [email protected] Prerequisite You must have passing grades in Biology 101 and Biology 202. Lectures Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 to 11:50 AM in Coker Hall room 201. The first half of the course is taught by Professor Rogers (Cell Biology), the second half (Developmental Biology) by Professor Reed. Class Website The class syllabus and lecture notes will be posted. Required Texts Essential Cell Biology, 3rd edition, by Alberts et al. (first half of the course) Principles of Development, 2nd edition, by Wolpert (second half of the course) Grading There will be four examinations - dates are provided on the syllabus. Exams will count towards 92% of the final grade and recitation assignments will count for 8%. You will be tested on materials presented in class and recitations, as well as materials covered in specific reading assignments. Make-ups for missed examinations will be given only for valid reasons. Requests for regrades on tests must be submitted in writing before the next exam and the exams MUST have been answered in ink. Honor Code As in all classes at UNC-CH, the Honor Code is in effect in this class. All in-class exams and quizzes are to be taken without the assistance of books, notes, or other people, and you must sign your pledge to that effect. Schedule for first half of Bio 205: Cell & Developmental Biology Date 1/11 M Topic Introduction to Cell Biology Reading Assignment Chapter 1 1/13 W How to Study Cells Chapter 1 1/15 F Cellular Building Blocks: Proteins Chapters 2,4 1/18 M Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No class 1/20 W Cellular Building Blocks: Lipids and Membranes Chapter 11 1/22 F Membrane Transport Chapter 12 1/25 M Intracellular compartments and Transport I Chapter 15 1/27 W Intracellular compartments and Transport II Chapter 15 1/29 F Mitochondria Chapter 14 (pp.453-476) 2/1 M Finish & Review for Exam I 2/3 W Exam I 2/5 F Cell Communication I Chapter 16 2/8 M Cell Communication II Chapter 16 2/10 W Cytoskeleton: Actin and muscle contractility Chapter 17 2/12 F Cytoskeleton: Intermediate Filaments Chapter 17 2/15 M Cytoskeleton: Microtubules Chapter 17 2/17 W Cell Cycle and Cell Death Chapter 18 2/19 F Mitosis & Meiosis I Chapter 19 2/22 M Mitosis & Meiosis II Chapter 19 2/24 W Cellular Motility Chapters 17, 20 (pp689-707) 2/26 F Finish & Review for Exam 2 3/1 M Exam II ...
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