Cancer - Chemotherapy various chemical have been found that...

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Cancer: Cancerous cells are characterized by extremely erratic mitotic divisions. Cells  that are formed may not be genetically identical or even have the same number of  chromosomes. Cancerous cells have also lost contact inhibition which means they do  not stop dividing even when a certain cell number is reached. This is what results in a  tumor forming.   * Radiation therapy - disrupts cell division of all cells, but because cancerous cells divide  more often than normal may provide an effective treatment.
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Unformatted text preview: * Chemotherapy - various chemical have been found that will disrupt cell division. Vinblastine is obtained from periwinkle growing in the rain forests of Madagascar; this drug interferes with the formation of spindle fibers. Taxol is obtained from the bark of the Pacific Yew in the northwestern United States; this drug immobilizes the microtubules. (The Pacific Yew is rare. Three trees are required to treat one patient, and it takes 100 years for the yew to reach maturity)....
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