Carbohydrates - 1 starch plants 2 glycogen"animal...

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Carbohydrates * Structure - Carbohydrates are a class of organic molecules which generally have the  chemical formula (CH 2 O). The basic monomer is the monosaccharide. * Categories and Examples A. monosaccharides ("simple sugars") - generally contain five or six carbon atoms 1. glucose  (C 6 H 12 O 6 ) 2. fructose 3. galactose 4. ribose 5. deoxyribose B. disaccharides - formed by joining two monosaccharides together in a dehydration  synthesis 1. sucrose (glucose + fructose)   "table sugar" 2. maltose (glucose + glucose)    "malt sugar" 3. lactose (glucose + galactose)  "milk sugar" C. polysaccharides - formed by joining long chains of monosaccharides
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Unformatted text preview: 1. starch - plants 2. glycogen - "animal starch" 3. cellulose - plant cell walls 4. chitin - arthropod exoskeletons * Functions - Monosaccharides represent the main fuel for cellular respiration, which provides energy for the cell. In addition, ribose and deoxyribose are constituent parts of RNA and DNA respectively. * An organism will store excess monosaccharides as the polysaccharide starch. In addition, cellulose is a major constituent of the plant cell wall. Chitin makes up the exoskeleton (outer skeleton) of an arthropod such as an insect or a crustacean....
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Carbohydrates - 1 starch plants 2 glycogen"animal...

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