ECOLOGY - development of nuclear energy and public...

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ECOLOGY   Before 1800 Exploitation of natural resources, frontier mentality.   Early 1800's Natural theology   Mid-1850's Literature, Henry David Thoreau - Walden, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt  Whitman   1860-1900 Industrial Revolution; burning coal and other fossil fuels   1873 National forest reserves in the United States   1880's Ernst Haeckel coins term “ecology” defining this branch of the biological  sciences   1905 Theodore Roosevelt, established National Forest Service; National Park Service;  and Wildlife Refuges; passed game management laws; “utilitarian  conservation”   1916 John Muir; 1st president of the Sierra Club; opposed utilitarian  conservation; argued that nature deserves to exist for its own aesthetic and spiritual values   1930's Depression, massive environmental problems caused by poor agricultural  practices   1940's World War II; massive increase in industrialization with accompanying problems; 
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Unformatted text preview: development of nuclear energy and public awareness of dangers associated with this new energy source 1950's Widespread use of new chemical pesticides (DDT) and herbicides; gradual awareness of environmental problems associated with the use of these products 1962 Silent Spring by Rachel Carson published and awakens the public to the threat of pollution and toxic chemicals; environmentalism 1960's Hippy movement and environmentalism 1970's Federal policies to protect the environment; EPA (Environmental Protection Agency); Clean Air and Water Act; Superfund 1980's Filtration of environmental awareness into school programs and daily lives; recycling centers 2000 Earth’s human population at 6 billion with an expected doubling time of less than 25 years....
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ECOLOGY - development of nuclear energy and public...

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