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GENETICS - plats were to be cross-fertilized 2 Pea plants...

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GENETICS   * Genetics is the science of heredity. During the mid-1800's an Austrian monk named  Gregor Mendel first discovered the basic principles of genetics working with pea plants.  It was not until 1901 that the importance of Mendel's work was recognized by the  scientific community.   Mendel's choice of pea plants as a test subject facilitated his discovery in several ways.   1. Pea plants self-pollinate in nature. Thus, Mendel could carefully control which pea 
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Unformatted text preview: plats were to be cross-fertilized. 2. Pea plants are easy to grow, produce many offspring (peas), and have a short life span. Thus, a great deal of genetic information can be collected quickly over a number of generations. 3. The pea characteristics (phenotypes) that he chose to study in were easy to observe and distinguish (tall or short plants, green or yellow peas)....
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