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Geological Time   Era Dates Description Cenozoic 65 million - present Current era; dominant animals include  mammals, dominant plants include flowering  plants; modern man  Mesozoic 248 - 65 million years  ago Dominant animals include the dinosaurs;  dominant plants include conifers Paleozoic 590 - 248 million years  ago Dominant animals include amphibians and  fish; first vascular plants PreCambrian 4.6 billion - 590 million  years ago No multicellular creatures; marine creature 
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Unformatted text preview: dominant; origin of prokaryotes and eukaryotes EVOLUTION *Evolution - the changes that have transformed life on earth from its earliest beginnings to the diversity that exists today. Evolutionary biology provides a cohesiveness to nature and allows us to "make sense" of the world that surrounds us. *Natural Selection - the theory proposed by Charles Darwin to explain the process of evolution....
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