Importance of osmosis

Importance of osmosis - facilitated diffusion 4 active...

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* Importance of osmosis (examples):   1. turgor pressure in plants   2. freshwater (hypotonic) and marine (hypertonic) environments   3. facilitated diffusion - carrier molecules (proteins) in the cell membrane assist with the  transport of certain molecules   * Facilitated diffusion allows larger molecules to be transported across the cell  membrane. This mechanism is still limited in that a favorable concentration gradient  (high to low) must be maintained.    examples - most of the glucose that moves across our cell mebranes does so by 
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Unformatted text preview: facilitated diffusion 4. active transport - carrier molecules are utilized and the cell must use chemical energy in the form of ATP * Active transport allows cells to move molecules from lower to higher concentrations. In doing so concentration gradients can be established. examples - Nerve cells concentrate high levels of sodium ions outside the nerve cell membrane by active transport (the "sodium potassium pump") 5. endocytosis (phagocytosis/ pinocytosis) exocytosis...
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