Lipids - B phospholipids one of the fatty acids is replaced...

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Lipids * Structure - Lipids include all of the fats, oils, waxes; as well as, the steroids. Lipids are  nonpolar molecules that generally are insoluble in water which is polar. The major  categories of lipids have quite different structures. * Categories and Examples A. triglyceride - ("fats"), compose of glycerol and three "fatty acids", may be "saturated"  if the carbon chain has only single bonds, or "unsaturated" if the carbon chain has some  double bonds * Corn and olive oils are unsaturated, while animal fats are saturated 
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Unformatted text preview: B. phospholipids - one of the fatty acids is replaced by a phosphate group, phospholipids are a major constituent of cell membranes C. waxes - a fatty acid linked to an alcohol, more hydrophobic than fats which makes them effective natural coatings as on the surface of pears and apples and on the exoskeleton of insects D. steroids - lipids formed from four fused carbon rings 1. cholesterol - cell membranes 2. estrogen - primary female hormone 3. testosterone - primary male hormone 4. anabolic steroids...
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