Vocabulary of Genetics

Vocabulary of Genetics - member of a homologous pair is...

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Vocabulary of Genetics   1. P generation - the parental generation; the first breeding that takes place.   2. F 1  - the "first filial" generation; the offspring resulting from the parental cross.  Subsequent generations may be labelled F 2 , F 3  ...   3. True-breeding - varieties that when crossed produce offspring identical to the parents.   4. Hybrids - offspring resulting from the cross of two different varieties.   5. monohybrid cross - a genetic cross that tracks the inheritance of a single trait.   6. dihybrid cross - a genetic cross that tracks the inheritance of two different traits.   7. gene - a portion of a chromosome that codes for a particular trait. There are many  genes on a single chromosome.   8. allele - alternative forms of a particular gene that can affect the expression of a trait in  different ways.   9. dominant allele - dominant alleles will be expressed as a certain trait even if only one 
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Unformatted text preview: member of a homologous pair is dominant. 10. recessive allele - recessive alleles require both members of the homologous pair to be recessive before they will be expressed as a certain trait. 11. homozygous - a pair of identical alleles; may be homozygous dominant (AA) or homozygous recessive (aa). 12. heterozygous - a pair of alleles in which one is dominant and the other recessive (Aa). 13. genotype - the type of alleles in a certain pair (AA, aa, Aa). 14. phenotype - the expressed trait; the effect that a particular pair of alleles will have. * With Mendel's pea plants a homozygous dominant genotype (TT) and a heterozygous genotype (Tt) both produced the tall phenotype....
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Vocabulary of Genetics - member of a homologous pair is...

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