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Ethnic - with the talk of spreading democracy and the end...

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Ethnic, religious, and national conflict Ethnic conflict is a significant trend in the post World War II era, as internal civil wars, often between rival ethnic groups or between states and secessionist movements have become far more common than interstate wars since 1990. Within the context of globalization, such conflicts are usually examined as a fragmentary dynamic that exists alongside the otherwise integrative dynamics of globalization (information revolution, the integration of the global economy, the eroding sovereignty of states in favor of international institutions). IN many ways, ethnic conflict represents a resurgence and backlash against globalization. However, at the same time, these conflicts often take advantage of the technology of globalization; cannot be understood as simply an opposition to globalization. Ethnic and religious conflict has always existed, but after the end of the Cold War,
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Unformatted text preview: with the talk of spreading democracy and the end of history, many analysts were dismayed by the resurgence of ethnic conflict throughout the world. Several characteristics to keep in mind with ethnic groups and ethnic conflict: 1. Ethnic groups are groups that are feel a common bond to one another based on some shared cultural trait, historical experience, or a common descent. 2. The demands of ethnic groups are just as often material or political demands, not simply cultural ones. 3. Ethnic groups are diverse and have diverse demands. National peoples, for example, seek “exit” from existing states – form secessionist movements. Minority peoples, that is, ethnic groups without nationalist aspirations, seek access to the existing states....
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Ethnic - with the talk of spreading democracy and the end...

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