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In essence, for offensive realists, the bipolar system is best for states who seek to maximize hard power. When only 2 states, who are enemies, are engaging in this behavior, interests are clear and the system is simple. This contributes to overall stability. Superpower conflict: Immediately after World War II, the future role of Germany became crucial to the superpower conflict – Germany lies at the center of Europe and represents a crucial state in the calculation of power capabilities for the Soviet Union and the United States. The
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Unformatted text preview: primary issues is whether Germany would be united or divided, and then which superpower would it be allied with. This is an issue of relative gains. A united Germany would give the advantage to one side and represent a loss for the other – as such, the Soviets and Americans balanced power by splitting Germany. Germany was divided into West Germany, which was quickly included into the Western system, while East Germany was absorbed into the Soviet sphere of influence. A divided Berlin became a flash point in the expanding Cold War....
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