Perspectives and ethnic conflict

Perspectives and ethnic conflict - Perspectives and ethnic...

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Perspectives and ethnic conflict: Realism: Sources of ethnic conflict lie at the individual level and the individual’s desire to adhere to a particular group and the conflict emerges through the zero-sum competition for scarce resources between them. For realists, ethnic conflict and ethnic identity is deep to the extent of being “hard-wired”, as Huntington asserts in his Clash of Civilizations. Huntington: The future of international relations will be defined in terms of conflicts between civilizations. This represents a decentralization of power and a move towards equilibrium – however, acc to H, the central role of the state in international relations will decline (but not disappear). Instead, states will align with one another according to religion, ethnicity and culture. These civilizational blocs will become the central sources of conflict, rather than economics or ideology. Nation-states remain principle actors, but conflict will revolve around cultural issues. In essence, states will incorporate
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